GLOSS Newsletter is Out!!!

Hi folks! Finally our exams are over and we Coronas went back to our homes for short trips and some of us are back to college for doing the certificate course. We couldn’t make a very good online presence till now but that doesn’t mean that we Coronas don’t work. We worked on this newsletter with very strict deadlines and lots and lots of hard work from every Corona. Creating the newsletter showed me an example of how good our team is and how well we can work in together. All the members who were a part of creating this newsletter did their very best and that too in the given very short intervals of time. Sanjeev and Abhilash together wrote an article, Vikas and Abhishek complied the events list, plenty of members contributed to the finer details of the newsletter and I took care of the designing part. The newsletter is circulated to over 80 countries! Now that’s something which every Corona can be proud of! The newsletter was appreciated personally by many of the big guns in Sun like Ganesh. Overall, with the guidance of Abhishek, the newsletter was created and released in the exact timing we wanted it to be.
You can get a copy of it here
Read it and send me your reviews about it. Also, if you want to make a contribution to the next edition of OpenView, feel free to drop me a mail about it.


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