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My Blog is Licensed!

Today I am licensing my blog under the Creative Commons licence. Lets kill the jargon and put in simple words what it means. It means that you can copy the works in my blog, even edit them if you want and use them where ever you like for non commercial purposes. But you should give credits to me and provide a link to my blog. To license your blog too visit the site Simple but effective this licence is. Use it in your blogs too. I got this idea from my friend Mano Ranjan. Thanks to him. To visit his blog, click the link on the left.

GLOSS Inaugration

Hi folks!!! Today, this is going to be a really small post as my SXDE download is about to be completed and I am dying to try it 🙂 As I said already, GLOSS DTSi is scheduled for the 5th of July only but we thought of inaugrating GLOSS for the seniors even before that day (talk about the power of becoming a senior :-)). So, we have planned to have the inaugration day after tomorrow itself! That’s right, on June 30th, GLOSS will be inaugrated for this year. With the aim to become the biggest contiributor to the open source community in India, we are inaugrating GLOSS amidst the presence of the deans of SASTRA and also, Abhishek will be discussing OHAC for this session. We have lots of plans to organise the event and this time, we are planning to try out the new videography team of GLOSS! If things are successful with the new team, GLOSS can release video newsletters, video tutorials, documentaries and many more frequently. I will post many pictures of the event and if possible some videos too here on Monday evening. Till then…bye!!!

My Laptop is Virutally OpenSolarised!!!

My laptop is virtually OpenSolarised because I use OpenSolaris in a virtual machine. I used Virtual Box for this. Virtual Box is extremely good and easy to work with. I installed Open Solaris in this virtual machine. I configured wifi and everything is working fine except the audio. OpenSolaris still doesn’t support my laptop’s hardware. Anyways, I advice anyone interested in trying out a new OS safely to try it out in Virtual Box. You can get Virtual Box here. I have installed OpenSolaris to take up new projects on OpenSolaris and contribute to the community. Another interesting thing to note is GLOSS has taken up Open Solaris as its operating system. So we got special OpenSolaris wrist bands from Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park for all the GLOSS members! Here is a pic of it 🙂

Adding Page Elements To Header In Your Blog

With your default blogger template, you can add page elements or gadgets to your footer. Adding such elements to your header is also possible with a little tweaking of your template. Here is how

  1. Go to Layout -> Edit HTML
  2. Create a backup of your template with ‘Download Template’ button.
  3. Check the ‘Expand Widgets Template’ button.
  4. Find for the following piece of code

    <div id=’header-wrapper’>
    <b:section class=’header’ id=’header’ maxwidgets=’3′ showaddelement=’yes’>
    <b:widget id=’Image1′ locked=’false’ title=” type=’Image’>

  5. Here the maxwidgets specifies the number of page elements you can add to your blog in the header. Default will be 1 for your title and description. Change it to any value you wish and press save.
  6. Now click ‘Page Elements’ and you can see additional space for page elements in your header. Add anything you wish. Enjoy!

Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTS-i) For GLOSS This Semester!!!

You may be wondering at the title. Let me explain you why. Since all the activities and events in GLOSS are based on digital, we start it with ‘Digital’. By now you would have guessed why ‘Twin Spark Ignition’ came in. That’s right, we have two great events to start this semester for GLOSS with a Kaboom!!! Here are the events

July 5th, Saturday : GLOSS kicks off for first years

You may be wondering why this is very special. Read the list of chief guests attending this and you will search for some word more apt than ‘very special’ for the event.

The guests are: Ganesh Hiregoudar(chief co-ordiantor for Campus Ambassador programme in Asia Pacific, Sun Microsystems), Anil Gulecha (Campus Ambassador, Sun Microsystems) and Angad Singh (Campus Ambassador JIIT, Sun Microsystems)! Great guests na? Abhishek is talking with these guys for coming to the college for the event.

July 9th, Wednesday: Even bigger event

If you thought the first one was too good read this. This is the second event planned. Here is the notice forwarded by Abhishek.

Event: A Live OpenSolaris Chat in Second Life. People not familiar
with second life do not have attend with an avatar but can watch and
contribute via the web.

Goal: To educate, build awareness, gain adoption and answer questions

Audience: Community Members, Students, Web 2.0 developers and employees

*Date: July 9th – new date
Time: Early morning (7:30/8:00 am) so all geos can participate

Duration of Chat: 1 hour – 20 minutes of presenting/round table and
40 minutes for Q&A

*What will be discussed and who will be involved with the Chat:*

This discussion will give community members, students and all others
that join the chat an opportunity to ask questions regarding
and to hear about what direction OpenSolaris is heading.

Some Topics to discuss: (TBD)

OpenSolaris direction
OpenSolaris support
Contributions to respositories
Support Packages
Contributions to Community from Sun

*Potential Speakers: (TBD) 2 presenters and 2 additional experts for

Tim Cramer
Stephen Hahn
Glynn Foster
David Comay

What is more exciting is the members of GLOSS get to attend it!! As for people who don’t know about Second Life, its like the Matrix. If you need more details, visit this site.

Now that’s the way to kick off GLOSS in super style for this semester rite? Our GLOSS team members are already holding conferences to discuss plans for this kick off. Hope every thing turns out fine. I will keep you guys updated.

Firefox Certificate!!!

Hey guys!!! Just now read a couple of blogs regarding Firefox’s Guinness Attempt. The download server has recorded 10,989,608 million downloads in 24 hours and made into the Guinness Book of World Record!!! As a token of thanks to the people who downloaded Firefox 3 on its release date the Spread Firefox team is giving out certificates!! Here is mine 🙂

This certificate makes me feel proud. You can get your certificate by clicking here. The Guinness World Record authorities are evaluating this record attempt. Soon we can enjoy a Guinness World Record under our favorite browser’s cap!

Hiding Nav bar in Blogger Template

There are many cool customizations you can make with blogger. Some are really easy while others are a bit tough. So I thought I can blog about some blogger hacks as well. Here is the first and the simplest one in the series “Removing Nav bar from Blogger Template”

Removing Nav bar from Blogger Template

Its perfectly legal to hide the nav bar in your blog. So feel free to try this simple hack. Here it goes

Step 1: Log into your blogger account and click Layout -> Edit HTML.
Step 2: Before editing the template, I recommend taking a backup of it. The simplest way is to click the ‘Download Template’ link and save an XML copy of your blog template.
Step 3: Now find the following line

/* Variable definitions

Step 4: Paste the following code before this code

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

Step 5: Press save and preview your blog with the nav bar hidden.

Next time, I will post a simple hack to add page elements or gadgets to your header section of the blog.