My Laptop is Virutally OpenSolarised!!!

My laptop is virtually OpenSolarised because I use OpenSolaris in a virtual machine. I used Virtual Box for this. Virtual Box is extremely good and easy to work with. I installed Open Solaris in this virtual machine. I configured wifi and everything is working fine except the audio. OpenSolaris still doesn’t support my laptop’s hardware. Anyways, I advice anyone interested in trying out a new OS safely to try it out in Virtual Box. You can get Virtual Box here. I have installed OpenSolaris to take up new projects on OpenSolaris and contribute to the community. Another interesting thing to note is GLOSS has taken up Open Solaris as its operating system. So we got special OpenSolaris wrist bands from Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park for all the GLOSS members! Here is a pic of it 🙂


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