First Virtual Conference in SASTRA!!!

Finally we did it!!! The first virtual world conference in SASTRA was successfully held this Wednesday! The conference started at TIFAC for boys and in Nirman for girls. We logged into the two avatars of Abhishek and we sat in the very first row of the Andromada Theatre at Sun Microsystems Islan (SL). They tried out some new technology this time it seems and it failed badly resulting in an audio failure. So we shifted to a text chat. After the initial chat by the big guns we started asking questions. The session was very interactive and we learned a lot of cool stuff. The session got over by 9:00 and we planned to roam around in the virtual world for some more time. When we were roaming around we saw Jonathan Schwartz!!! He just logged in and left somewhere so we couldn’t talk to him. Then we went to IBM office and some Desi club and a Hanuman temple too. Overall, it was a cool experience in the virtual world for all of us 🙂


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