Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy Independence Day!!! This is what a nation of over 100 million people
shout today. 61 years ago, many brave Indians sacrificed their lives for us
their future generation to breathe in an independent country. Today is the
day we stand proud among all the other nations as the world’s largest
independent democratic country, the country whose work force fuels every
country in the world, the country which is developing in every field and
also the country where bomb blasts still prevails, the country where the
power hungry leaders prevail,  the country where untouchability and caste
discrimination still exist, the country where uneducated people form a great
percentage of the population, the country which is struggling to win even a
single gold in the Olympics and the country which is rated in the top ten
for corruption. Today my friends I request you all to promise yourself. To
our country. To contribute to its development by spreading the knowledge we
have to fellow Indians and make them educated, to prevent corruption at any
cost and to make our country a clean and a better place to live. Let us
contribute to our motherland first. We the students, the future of our
nation have the power to change the present course of our country and show
how big a super power can be when we, the 100 million people become one.
Only then we can proudly say “Happy Independence Day!” Jai Hind!!!

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