Installing Fonts in Ubuntu 8.04

Linux operating systems are popularly known for the poor font collections and also for the lack of facilities for installing fonts directly. You may have a collection of over 2000 fonts but without knowing how to install them is pathetic. Here are a couple of methods for installing fonts.
Method 1: 
1. Log in to your account and press Ctrl+L.
2. Now type gksudo nautilus.
3. Enter the administrator password.
4. In the address bar type fonts:// and press enter
5. Add whatever fonts you have to this and your new fonts are installed!
Method 2:
1. Log in to your account and open the home folder.
2. Now create a folder called ‘fonts‘ (without the quotes).
3. Copy all your font files to this folder.
4. Open up terminal and type mv fonts .fonts and press enter.
5. Restart the applications you are using and viola!!! Your fonts are installed!!!
That’s it for now folks!!! Ba bye!!!

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