Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Biker

This post is for all those to whom the sound of the engine coming to life and revving up is elixir and who does not need a stereo when you’ve got a throttle. Yes, this one is for all the bike lovers. Whether you love to ride one or just enjoy sitting at the back seat, this post is for you!

I personally believe that ‘A bike is a guy’s first and best girlfriend. For obvious reasons!’.  Yes, chauvinistic. Call it even blasphemous but I don’t care. Maybe that is why many guys who own a bike doesn’t allow anyone else to ride it. If you are now, I understand the mirth that is slowly crawling on your face now. I have been riding bikes for the past 8 years, making use of every chance for riding one. Over these years, I have been through several things. Both on and off the road and it has taught me several things. I hope that I wish to convey a few of them through this post. Continue reading


From 4000 BC to Present Time!

Recently I came across a mail titled ‘Facts to make every Indian proud’. I am sure everyone would have received it or read it somewhere. If you can recollect, there is a line that says ‘According to Forbes magazine in 1987, Sanskrit is the most suitable and precise language for programming’. Nothing can be more motivating for me to explore its credibility than my love for programming. Sanskrit is a language that has been in use, yes in use, for over 6000 years of known history. It is the mother of all Indian languages. I can barely read and understand this language thanks to my two years of studying it in school. Initially when I found that such a claim was not made in the magazine that year, I was shocked. How can someone state something like that? Something told me to keep searching. Probably it is the love for Sanskrit that said it. After some more searching and lots of reading, I finally understood what it meant. It sure did help me broaden my perspective about certain things. I am sure this post on my understandings will help broaden yours too. Continue reading