The Biker

This post is for all those to whom the sound of the engine coming to life and revving up is elixir and who does not need a stereo when you’ve got a throttle. Yes, this one is for all the bike lovers. Whether you love to ride one or just enjoy sitting at the back seat, this post is for you!

I personally believe that ‘A bike is a guy’s first and best girlfriend. For obvious reasons!’.  Yes, chauvinistic. Call it even blasphemous but I don’t care. Maybe that is why many guys who own a bike doesn’t allow anyone else to ride it. If you are now, I understand the mirth that is slowly crawling on your face now. I have been riding bikes for the past 8 years, making use of every chance for riding one. Over these years, I have been through several things. Both on and off the road and it has taught me several things. I hope that I wish to convey a few of them through this post.

When you call yourself a biker in a place, immediately you viewed as a maverick. Its almost instant. But in the recent times, if you are young and you call yourself a biker, you are viewed as an idiot. A hideous monster that is created to cause havoc on the roads and ruin its holiness. I do not blame this. These young, mostly under-aged,  so called bikers zip into every nook and corner of space they find in traffic. They always ride at high speeds and believe they are God. Many of these have a strong feeling that girls are attracted to such beings. Not a bad motive indeed. For these people, reaching their destination first is more important than reaching it at all. I would not ask them to stop riding because they have just started a wonderful journey. There is a long way to go in which the bike will teach them a lot more things. I just hope they do not injure or kill anyone including themselves in the process. By the time they can call themselves bikers, they would not. It is already in them. They don’t need to show it to prove it.

When a person buys a bike, he is obviously happy about it and takes good care of it. He cleans it, washes it, services it regularly and attends to the problems that might arise. As days pass by, he might ignore the bike, but the bike does not ignore him. It becomes a reflection of him. When he is happy, he is motivated to keep the bike clean and in peak performance. When he is sad, the bike is dirty and is dull. If he is clumsy or well organized or confused or anything else, it shows in the bike. It nearly becomes his alter-ego sans a soul.

As days pass by, the bike models the character of its owner. It makes him more self-reliant, self-confident, manly and independent in both thought and action. It makes him a maverick. If you don’t believe me, then try this. Take out a bike, find a highway and ride it alone. Follow the lane, go at a nice cruising speed that is 80% of the bike’s top speed, enjoy the travel. If you find a nice tree or something interesting along the way, stop your bike, get down and spend a few moments enjoying it. Listen to the sound of your engine as you keep it running at a steady pace. When a moron on another bike titillates you for a race, ignore it. Do it forever and keep going at your own pace. It will give you a gratifying sense of accomplishment and control over the mind. Realize the true meaning of the adage ‘Success is the journey and not the destination’.

When you are alone on the road, with minimal resources it teaches you self-reliance. When you are riding long, it teaches you endurance of character and persistence. When you resist the temptation to raise the throttle and go out of control, it teaches you self control. When you recover from a crash, it teaches you to bounce back from every failure. Thus it models you in every aspect.

You might think that riding a bigger bike or riding on the highway for long is very tough. But that is where your bike teaches you lessons on self confidence, endurance and character. I have seen many people who are true bikers. Usually many of these people are a part of some biking club where they go on bike tours. Bikes help these people cut across boundaries and barriers and connect with each other. A complete human being is born after several years of biking. A human being who is highly self confident, independent, compassionate to fellow beings, fiercely competitive, refusing to lose, remaining calm in every situation and is able to find a solution always somehow. I still am not sure whether it is because of him or the bike he rides. Whatever be it, he has become a true biker. Not by his destination but his journey.


3 thoughts on “The Biker

  1. adithya

    din know so much is attached to biking.
    most of your posts make me wonder about the excellent comparisons you make. 🙂
    is that also a biker’s gift?? 😀


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