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Learning Process

I am now twenty one years old and am presently doing my final year BTech at SASTRA University, Tanjore. My job so far has been to sit back and learn. A part of what I have learnt is what this article is about.

The first place I started learning is obviously at home. Like everyone else, I had two teachers. The first one was the people in my environment which includes everyone starting with my mother and father. The second one is the environment itself. The first teacher was very kind. She volunteered herself to teach me several things most of which I only half-remember today. The second teacher was slightly more reserved. I had to volunteer to learn from her. I learnt things like speaking, walking, eating etc. from her. Of course, most of this was complemented by the first teacher so that the knowledge that I got from the second one was refined for my betterment. Continue reading


The Tree

The Tree

There is this tree behind my hostel on the way to class. Its a single tree without any vegetation around it. I do not know its name but it looks good and majestic. I see it everyday on my way to class. But when I walked past it today, suddenly I felt like it wanted to talk to me. I subconsciously stood there admiring its beauty and I felt a connection form between us. Of all the days in these three and a half years, it had chosen this particular day to teach me a few things. Here is a brief account of our conversation today.

Tree: Do you admire my majesty? Continue reading