The Tree

The Tree

There is this tree behind my hostel on the way to class. Its a single tree without any vegetation around it. I do not know its name but it looks good and majestic. I see it everyday on my way to class. But when I walked past it today, suddenly I felt like it wanted to talk to me. I subconsciously stood there admiring its beauty and I felt a connection form between us. Of all the days in these three and a half years, it had chosen this particular day to teach me a few things. Here is a brief account of our conversation today.

Tree: Do you admire my majesty?

Me: Yes I do. You look fabulous. The rain last night makes you look better than ever.

Tree: Thanks. Do you think I am successful as a tree?

Me: Yes. You could say that.

Tree: Everyday many people walk past me to college for classes and exams. Little they notice what I have for them to offer.

Me: You have something to offer other than shade and a majestic sight?

Tree: Well, yes. I am a part of Mother Nature. She is the oldest and most wisest being on Earth who can teach you a lot of things if you listen.

Me: Very true. What have you got for me to learn?

Tree: You are quick. I like that. Tell me, how much do you like Btech, classes and your subjects?

Me: To be frank, I hate it. Things are boring and I don’t learn anything useful. In fact, I do not learn anything at all. I simply go to the class for the sake of attendance.

Tree: I expected that.

Me: That’s what you can expect from anyone who goes to classes these days.

Tree: Hmmm… How about the toppers in your batch? Do they have the same boredom for classes?

Me: I am not sure. I think they do. Most of them sleep in class, they study by themselves and get awesome scores in exams.

Tree: So basically you guys feel this place cannot give you the knowledge you want or at least teach properly?

Me: To be direct, yes.

Tree: In that case, look around me. Do you see any plant even?

Me: No. Except for this dying one. Why is that?

Tree: I was planted here with several other plants. They all thought that this soil is not fertile enough and failed to see the real nutrients it had.

Me: Uh.. What happened then?

Tree: Eventually they all died. This fellow here is also of the same opinion and will die out soon. But I was sure that this soil was as fertile as any other on which a tree can grow. If it was other wise, I am sure my garderner would not have put me here.

Me: (Remained silent and the truth was becoming obvious to me.)

Tree: I used the nutrients that were available and grew up well. Today, I am an inspiration to other plants which will eventually become trees one day.

Me: What you say is true. I am beginning to realise it. My parents would have not put me here if this place had nothing to offer for me.

Tree: Not only that, the teachers you have should be having things to teach you if you know how to extract it from them properly.

Me: Correct. If I don’t, then like the other plants here, I will have lost all my knowledge and become a failure in life.

Tree: Glad you learnt something.

Me: Thanks. I guess this is why you are here. Everyday before going to class, you are a source of inspiration which not many people see.

Tree: You can say that. I told you only the sweet part of my growth.

Me: You have another side of the story too?

Tree: Every coin has two sides. When I was planted here, I was not much confident that I can become so big some day. It always seemed like it was some other plant’s destiny to become big and successful.

Me: What did you do then?

Tree: As I started to see other plants fail, I did not want to flop like them. I just wanted to try once. So I searched for and absorbed the nutrients from this soil. My fellow plants discouraged my everyday saying its not worth. This soil never has so much and all that. But I was determined and the result is what you see today.

Me: You do take a lot of pride in your success. You are teaching me some very important lessons to me today. Thanks a lot.

Tree: I was made for this. What are you going to do in class from now on?

Me: I will do my best to learn from the faculty and if I am discouraged by anyone, I will be determined to continue on my pursuit. Success does not come easily anyway. Everyone and everything has valuble things to teach me. Only I need to look at it. Not only in class but outside too.

Tree: That’s great. If you feel lost or need inspiration or some solutions or anything else, do drop by. I have more lessons for you. But they are for some other day. You are already late for class today. Thanks for stopping by.

Me: No thank you Mr.Tree. Thank you so much for all these lessons.

Tree: Good day to you!

Me: Good day to you too!

After this conversation, my classroom experience had totally changed. I just cannot believe the immense knowledge my faculty had possessed. Everyday as I walk to college, I take inspiration from my huge, majestic friend. Hoping to learn new things from him soon.


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