My first bike trip: Krishnagiri dam

Yes! Finally I managed to go on my first bike trip. After searching through countless message boards and mailing lists, I decided that a 100 km one way trip would be easy to do for the first trip. I wanted to go to some place which is not easily accessible by normal bus routes and timings. Found the ideal spot. Krishnagiri dam. 100 km exact from where I stay. Then the search for the biking partner began. Posted in message boards, mailing lists, asked around in friends circle and in office. None of them seem to be liking the idea of a bike trip. Finally one of my friends Anil, said that he would love to come with me. Did the initial preparations and we fixed the date of the journey as Saturday, Mar 12, 2011.

The day arrived. We wanted to start off early in the morning but Murphy’s law made us start only at 10 from Bangalore. Anil was my pillion for the entire trip. Since it was my first ride for so long, I did not know what to expect. As we exited the city and entered the magnificient Electronic city flyover, the wind was blowing heavily. I had a tough time keeping the vehicle steady. But boy what a road that is! Splendid. At the end of it I was surprised that at the toll gate, even two wheelers had to pay 15 bucks for one way. The road was totally worth it I thought and paid it.

After that we entered the Salem – Bangalore highway. I have been hearing stories about this road since the time it got constructed. Some people even compare it with international runways. Those private Volvo buses are known to cruise at over 120 kmph here consistently. All these things increased my expectations so much that I wanted to go on this atleast once. When I went on this in some bus for the first time, I was mesmerised. I wanted to ride on it atleast once and today was the day it happened. The highways department have really showed what they are capable of. With plants on the middle to prevent the light of the opposite direction vehicles, hills on either side and almost flawless two lanes on either side, this was clearly the best road I have ever travelled in my life. The road had several stretches and dips with less traffic. We spotted some funny sign boards and vehicles on the way where we stopped few clicks. Though the wind was heavily blowing I managed to cruise at a comfortable 70 kmph. As the mercury started rising with our hunger levels, we decided to pull over for lunch. What better place than McD on the highway just before Krishnagiri. Pulled over, had nice lunch and then we went off again.

This is where we did a mistake. I had left a portion of my arm exposed. The time was after 12; in the highway; it was hot. You guessed it right, got sun burn and I felt like I was on fire. Thanks to my sun screen I didn’t become like a Tandoori chicken! Lesson learnt, no matter how short the highway ride is, do not expose the skin even for a centimeter. Anyways, we arrived at the dam by around 1:30 PM. At the entrance, the road goes two ways. One is to a park and the other is to the dam control center. The second road looked like that road descibed in the road not taken poem. It looked pleasing with trees on both sides, covered, dried leaves on the road with no foot prints even. Thank God I came to see this place I thought. We followed the road and it lead to the top of the reservoir. What a view! So much water in the reservoir, surrounded by hills, tranquil, a lonely fisherman in the water, we both were speechless for a few moments. We totally forgot everything else and was absorbed into the beauty of the place. I was brought back to reality by the ants on whose home I was standing. Yes, I started jumping around because of them after that. We came back down and took the other road to a neatly maintained park. Entry fee 4 bucks per person and 6 for the bike parking. Damn you malls I thought. Anyways, the park seemed like a local hangout with the villagers having a good time with their kids and there are the couples trying to avoid any recognition from anyone they might know as always. A certain section of the park looked like it was one of those places’ photos that is put behind small size notebooks saying something about nature. Picture perfect spot. From there we can go up to the reservoir and have a even better view. We stayed there till 3:30 PM and started back.

The return trip was simple. There was no wind, so I could cruise comfortably at the speed limit. We made just one stop at McD for a coke. As kilometers were melting away, we enjoyed a silent highway. We were back home by six. After coming home I felt an inner sense of joy. An unspeakable happiness as I had lived one of my long cherished dreams. I did not feel tired except for my sun burn. I wanted to go again somewhere. The trip was very shot I felt. Yes, 200 km was clocked and still it wasn’t enough. Though I am here at home, my mind is all on the trip. Maybe everyone who goes on such rides have the same feeling I guess. That is what keeps such people going for more trips often. Not only for marathons, when you return from your first bike trip no matter who you are, your life changes forever. Until my next trip, I have to live in dreams.

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2 thoughts on “My first bike trip: Krishnagiri dam

  1. Chaitanya Vedak

    Awesome. So you finally got bitten by the Bug. Both the Natural and the Biking. Nice Writeup, and please wear proper protection next time. Anyways, waiting for your next triplog.


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