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Google Plus First Look

Thanks to Robinson I got a Google Plus invite. I did manage to invite a few of my friends using a workaround before Google decided to stop new users from signing up. After using Google Plus for a few hours since morning, I have mixed opinion about the product. Some features are great while some are not upto the mark.

Before I begin, I must highlight two of the coolest features offered by Google Plus. One is a group video chat right out of the box and the other is group sms. Although I have not used these two, I believe these two can take away a large chunk of users from Facebook.

OneĀ of the best things that I like about this is the ability to add friends as circles. Just drag-drop them to new circles and drag-drop out of circles to remove them. Though this is same as lists in FB, I feel this is better implemented. Not because of the cool UI but because right from the first friend you add, you put that person in a circle. In FB, initially when you start you generally don’t classify your friends like that. When the number of friends becomes too much to manage easily, you try to classify them. This would be irritating.

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The Other Side of 2G Spectrum Scam

I am pretty sure 2G spectrum scam is well known to you if you are in India. If not I can safely assume that you were stuck up in a mission to Mars or something for the past year without ever communicating back home. The amount of money involved in this scam is quite baffling and so unrealistic. But reality should be faced someday and we have to accept these quoted numbers. In this post I shall try to form a rough estimate of the size of this scam.

The sources for all the numbers stated here are CAG, CBI, Finance Ministry of India, World Bank, Reserve Bank of India and the Census of India. So the reliability of them is of no question. If discrepencies occur, I kindly ask you to verify the numbers from these sources and inform me so that I can update the post. It should be noted that there are cases filed against the people involved and the bribes allegedly received by them is still unproven. Continue reading


Imagine this.

Bob got a new job. He is paid a very good salary. Much higher than his friends and relatives. Flexible timings at office. Free cab to his house and office with flexible timings as well. Work that is like play. Great free food, snacks and beverages at office on all days. Perfect, is it not? But if I were Bob, I would be very happy and very bored in no time.

Don’t believe me? Here is another example.

When you finish college, you usually get a few months off before you join a job or go for higher education. This gap can be anything between two months and six months or even more. At the starting of this time, you will have a perfect life compared to your college. You will be very happy. But as time progresses, you will start feeling bored. You will want to go to a job or higher education. Because when people are happy for too long, they tend to get bored. Continue reading