Imagine this.

Bob got a new job. He is paid a very good salary. Much higher than his friends and relatives. Flexible timings at office. Free cab to his house and office with flexible timings as well. Work that is like play. Great free food, snacks and beverages at office on all days. Perfect, is it not? But if I were Bob, I would be very happy and very bored in no time.

Don’t believe me? Here is another example.

When you finish college, you usually get a few months off before you join a job or go for higher education. This gap can be anything between two months and six months or even more. At the starting of this time, you will have a perfect life compared to your college. You will be very happy. But as time progresses, you will start feeling bored. You will want to go to a job or higher education. Because when people are happy for too long, they tend to get bored.

When everything is too perfect, there would be nothing to aspire for. There will not be an answer to the question of what next. When there is no answer to that question, we start stagnating. Being stagnant is boring for most people. It is that imperfection in things that make us want to move forward. It is the answer to what next.

At job, if I do not have a decent salary or perks or enjoyable work, I would feel imperfect in that area and will want to find a job which is better. It will make me move closer to perfection. Same is the case with everyone and everything else. We all want to be perfect. We constantly strive to move towards perfection. But the definition of being perfect varies from person to person. A average person might consider a perfect life to be without debts, a nice own house, car and family. If he has it, then he will look to travel or buy a new house. When he got that, he will look for something else like owning another house. Maybe a holiday home or would want to explore the far lands and foreign countries. His definition of being perfect changes constantly as he achieves each definition. A business tycoon can consider being perfect as 100% market penetration and share. If he has it in one country he will start looking to make it in other countries. Again, his definition of being perfect changes.

We constantly strive to go for perfection. When we reach it, we become happy and bored in some days. The feeling of ‘I m perfect’ changes to ‘imperfect’. Then we change the definition and move towards that. We always need something to move towards. We can never be still nor be satisfied. Does this mean we are ever greedy or immature? It depends. It depends on the mindset of what success is. If success is being perfect, then we can never be satisfied or happy. It is like trying to catch your shadow. It will always seem so near yet you can never catch it. If success is a journey to be perfect then I am sure anyone can be happy.

A journey can be very short or very long. But when you try to reach the destination called perfection, it matters to go the farthest one can.


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