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Imagine this.

Bob got a new job. He is paid a very good salary. Much higher than his friends and relatives. Flexible timings at office. Free cab to his house and office with flexible timings as well. Work that is like play. Great free food, snacks and beverages at office on all days. Perfect, is it not? But if I were Bob, I would be very happy and very bored in no time.

Don’t believe me? Here is another example.

When you finish college, you usually get a few months off before you join a job or go for higher education. This gap can be anything between two months and six months or even more. At the starting of this time, you will have a perfect life compared to your college. You will be very happy. But as time progresses, you will start feeling bored. You will want to go to a job or higher education. Because when people are happy for too long, they tend to get bored. Continue reading


It Took me Ten Years to Write This!

Yes, you read it right. It took me ten years and so this is be my longest post till date. It is about something which every twenty year old thinks he has done and has a good understanding about. Be it that way but here is my version of it. Please be patient, take some time off and read the entire one. Because at the end, I assure you that there are some valuable points which you can take.

Before we start, I would like to give a small preface. As you know, I have just finished my teenage. Like all teenagers, I have been through a lot of emotions, problems, great moments and stuff like that. Teenage is all about from what I have understood is the transformation in character, physique etc thanks to our beloved hormones. One of the biggest things that I came across during this phase is coping up and understanding this thing called expectation. As a 20 year old just out of teenage, I guess I am able to form a rough picture of this after a series of experiments which took me on a roller coaster ride of happiness, sadness and everything in between. So here I present you my experiments so that at least someone like me might get benefited from it. Continue reading

Learning Process

I am now twenty one years old and am presently doing my final year BTech at SASTRA University, Tanjore. My job so far has been to sit back and learn. A part of what I have learnt is what this article is about.

The first place I started learning is obviously at home. Like everyone else, I had two teachers. The first one was the people in my environment which includes everyone starting with my mother and father. The second one is the environment itself. The first teacher was very kind. She volunteered herself to teach me several things most of which I only half-remember today. The second teacher was slightly more reserved. I had to volunteer to learn from her. I learnt things like speaking, walking, eating etc. from her. Of course, most of this was complemented by the first teacher so that the knowledge that I got from the second one was refined for my betterment. Continue reading

The Tree

The Tree

There is this tree behind my hostel on the way to class. Its a single tree without any vegetation around it. I do not know its name but it looks good and majestic. I see it everyday on my way to class. But when I walked past it today, suddenly I felt like it wanted to talk to me. I subconsciously stood there admiring its beauty and I felt a connection form between us. Of all the days in these three and a half years, it had chosen this particular day to teach me a few things. Here is a brief account of our conversation today.

Tree: Do you admire my majesty? Continue reading

The Biker

This post is for all those to whom the sound of the engine coming to life and revving up is elixir and who does not need a stereo when you’ve got a throttle. Yes, this one is for all the bike lovers. Whether you love to ride one or just enjoy sitting at the back seat, this post is for you!

I personally believe that ‘A bike is a guy’s first and best girlfriend. For obvious reasons!’.  Yes, chauvinistic. Call it even blasphemous but I don’t care. Maybe that is why many guys who own a bike doesn’t allow anyone else to ride it. If you are now, I understand the mirth that is slowly crawling on your face now. I have been riding bikes for the past 8 years, making use of every chance for riding one. Over these years, I have been through several things. Both on and off the road and it has taught me several things. I hope that I wish to convey a few of them through this post. Continue reading

Has Justice Been Served?

Today I read an article in the Hindu. It was by a carnatic singer from Chennai. He expressed his views about the death sentence given to the lone captured terrorist from the Mumbai attacks, Ajmal Kasab. This is one of the most discussed and debated topics in India for quite some time now. But after reading it, I realized that I had my own views to share about the death sentence and I could find no better medium.

The people who speak for the judgment mostly say that the grievances of the families who lost their loved ones should be answered. Another one is that we should fight fire with fire and hence death sentence is the only way. I don’t think the second reason is correct but the first one is acceptable. Losing your loved ones is something very sad and that needs to be answered. It might give some relief for these people by putting Kasab to death but we should also have in mind that it will not bring back the lost ones. What is gone is gone forever. And also remember that though he might be bad his family would not have been. Putting Kasab to death makes them lose their loved one. We have already lost ours, to feel better we are making others lose theirs. Sounds sadistic to me.

What are we?

We live somewhere, we observe things around us. Things such as people, their behavior, character, events and inanimate things like the buildings and vehicles. We learn from our observations. As a mortal, I have been observing the things around me. I wish to present some of my learning in this post.
Let me start with the question “What is right and what is wrong?” The answer one might come up is “Anything that is right to a person’s conscience is right and whatever that does not is wrong”. One more possible answer is “Anything that is accepted by the society is right and others are wrong”. Both these answers are correct. At times these two things may contradict but still they are right from their perspective. The actions of a terrorist may be right in his conscience but the world will never accept it and hence it is wrong from the society’s perspective. When it comes to the society, what is right in one part of the world may not be right in other part of the world. A friendly kiss when people of opposite gender meet or drinking wine is right in France but it is not so in India. What is right at one point of time may not be right at some other point. Polygamy was legal during the times when kings ruled in India but now it is not. Society changes and so do its views and the distinction of right from the wrong.
As kids we learnt from our environment. We did not know what is right and what is not. We were an empty slate waiting to be written with rules and distinctions on what is right and wrong from the society. Gradually, this knowledge we acquire penetrates deep into us. After a few years, what we call as conscience tells us what is right and wrong and guides us. When we look into it from a clear sense, this conscience which we say to possess is nothing but a collection of lessons and rules we acquire from the society. This is why a terrorist thinks his actions are right but the world does not agree.  
When we grew up we had parents guiding us everywhere and in everything. They showed us what is right and wrong. But again, they form a part of the society from which we learn and they are nothing but a collection of learning from the society they grew up in. What we see in our parents is what has been decided by them to show us and what they feel is right based on their learning. We firmly believe the rightness of this knowledge we get from them and pass it on to our kids. So when a kid grows up, he gets the knowledge from his parents, which is nothing but the essence of the society they were brought up in and also the society in which he is a part of. Thus I may say that society models us.
After a few years of growing we start reading books and do other things which expose us to cultures, ideologies and societies from across the globe. We learn from them as well and again they have their influence in creating us. I think a friendly hug is right. But my parents think it is not. I think it is right because I have at some point been exposed to a society in which hugging is considered an expression and sharing of love. That had influenced me to thinking that it is right. But my parents haven’t gone through the same experience or had been to a contradicting experience and so they feel it is not right. This is just a small example I used to demonstrate how what we call as ‘generation gap’ is created.  In such cases both the parties are right from their perspective but wrong from the other. Other examples might be birthday bums, loud music, ‘modern’ dressing etc.
By now, you would have understood what point I am trying to prove here. We are nothing but an essence of the society. We agree on something because we have been influenced to agree by the society at a very premature stage of life and we disagree because of the same reason. Only when we do or act which cannot be called as influenced by the society we have come across, it can be truly stated as the characteristic behavior of us. Try to take a moment and think of how much the society has influenced your thoughts, actions, dreams, verbiage, in short you.  
Until my next post, take care!