Tomorrow’s pillars are rotten – Are they really?

My new year resolution is to regularize my posting here in this blog. So I have decided make a post every calender month for now and scale it to two later on towards the end of the year. Here is this month’s post.

Today, half of India’s population is less than the age of 30. This effectively means that citizens of India below 30 years of age are the pillars of tomorrow’s India. A widely known fact. Two of my favourite leaders recognize this and they concentrate all their energy on the youth of India. They are Swami Vivekananda, whose birthday on January 12 is celebrated as National Youth Day and the man fondly called as the people’s president, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam who said ‘I can get the youth to dream. They have fewer biases’. Continue reading


It Took me Ten Years to Write This!

Yes, you read it right. It took me ten years and so this is be my longest post till date. It is about something which every twenty year old thinks he has done and has a good understanding about. Be it that way but here is my version of it. Please be patient, take some time off and read the entire one. Because at the end, I assure you that there are some valuable points which you can take.

Before we start, I would like to give a small preface. As you know, I have just finished my teenage. Like all teenagers, I have been through a lot of emotions, problems, great moments and stuff like that. Teenage is all about from what I have understood is the transformation in character, physique etc thanks to our beloved hormones. One of the biggest things that I came across during this phase is coping up and understanding this thing called expectation. As a 20 year old just out of teenage, I guess I am able to form a rough picture of this after a series of experiments which took me on a roller coaster ride of happiness, sadness and everything in between. So here I present you my experiments so that at least someone like me might get benefited from it. Continue reading

Learning Process

I am now twenty one years old and am presently doing my final year BTech at SASTRA University, Tanjore. My job so far has been to sit back and learn. A part of what I have learnt is what this article is about.

The first place I started learning is obviously at home. Like everyone else, I had two teachers. The first one was the people in my environment which includes everyone starting with my mother and father. The second one is the environment itself. The first teacher was very kind. She volunteered herself to teach me several things most of which I only half-remember today. The second teacher was slightly more reserved. I had to volunteer to learn from her. I learnt things like speaking, walking, eating etc. from her. Of course, most of this was complemented by the first teacher so that the knowledge that I got from the second one was refined for my betterment. Continue reading

The Tree

The Tree

There is this tree behind my hostel on the way to class. Its a single tree without any vegetation around it. I do not know its name but it looks good and majestic. I see it everyday on my way to class. But when I walked past it today, suddenly I felt like it wanted to talk to me. I subconsciously stood there admiring its beauty and I felt a connection form between us. Of all the days in these three and a half years, it had chosen this particular day to teach me a few things. Here is a brief account of our conversation today.

Tree: Do you admire my majesty? Continue reading

The Biker

This post is for all those to whom the sound of the engine coming to life and revving up is elixir and who does not need a stereo when you’ve got a throttle. Yes, this one is for all the bike lovers. Whether you love to ride one or just enjoy sitting at the back seat, this post is for you!

I personally believe that ‘A bike is a guy’s first and best girlfriend. For obvious reasons!’.  Yes, chauvinistic. Call it even blasphemous but I don’t care. Maybe that is why many guys who own a bike doesn’t allow anyone else to ride it. If you are now, I understand the mirth that is slowly crawling on your face now. I have been riding bikes for the past 8 years, making use of every chance for riding one. Over these years, I have been through several things. Both on and off the road and it has taught me several things. I hope that I wish to convey a few of them through this post. Continue reading

From 4000 BC to Present Time!

Recently I came across a mail titled ‘Facts to make every Indian proud’. I am sure everyone would have received it or read it somewhere. If you can recollect, there is a line that says ‘According to Forbes magazine in 1987, Sanskrit is the most suitable and precise language for programming’. Nothing can be more motivating for me to explore its credibility than my love for programming. Sanskrit is a language that has been in use, yes in use, for over 6000 years of known history. It is the mother of all Indian languages. I can barely read and understand this language thanks to my two years of studying it in school. Initially when I found that such a claim was not made in the magazine that year, I was shocked. How can someone state something like that? Something told me to keep searching. Probably it is the love for Sanskrit that said it. After some more searching and lots of reading, I finally understood what it meant. It sure did help me broaden my perspective about certain things. I am sure this post on my understandings will help broaden yours too. Continue reading

The Sleep Guide

I must say that before collecting the required information for this post, I did not know that there is so much stuff involved with sleep. The main reason for me to choose this topic is that during exams I observed the difference in attitude, behaviour, alertness, memory, practically everything related to a person getting differed because of the change in sleep pattern. I started to ask so many questions regarding sleep and for some of those, I have found answers. I present them before you here in this post.
What is sleep?
Sleep is a state of suspended activity in our body during which our voluntary actions and muscles are partially or completely unconscious. During this state we are less likely to respond to stimuli. This state is easily reversible compared to coma or hibernation. Continue reading